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As Deputy Mayor I will proudly and diligently represent the municipality of

Trent Lakes.

In order for Trent Lakes to thrive, I believe that strong representation on the

Peterborough County Council is essential.  A positive working relationship with

Peterborough county representatives will go a long way in securing Trent Lakes’ ability

to ensure economic growth and the expedition of services required for future



Whether you have been a part of this municipality for generations or are a new

resident, you know that Trent Lakes is a special place.  Helping to make Trent Lakes

the best it can be for families and ratepayers of the community is a role that I look

forward to.  Living and working here has provided my family the wonderful

opportunity to connect with the community and enjoy many genuine friendships.

When we think of our municipality as one and not fragmented, families have the

opportunity to enjoy what Trent Lakes has to offer such as sports, music and art.

Focusing to unify all wards and committees provides families and ratepayers a true

sense of community. 



Trent Lakes is fortunate to have a diverse range of small businesses within the municipality.  Supporting our local entrepreneurs and encouraging new business will promote a thriving local economy. Effective growth requires invested leadership, teamwork, and collaboration. I am committed to giving the ratepayers and business owners a voice.

Through teamwork at council, we will support Trent Lakes staff and continue to build our township responsibly working with: Peterborough & Kawartha Economic Development, Economic Development Advisory Committee, Community Futures Peterborough, Parks Recreation and Cultural Advisory Committee, Sir Sanford Fleming College & Trent University to provide young residents with education and opportunity.


Our lakes, rivers and streams are a big part of what draws people to Trent Lakes throughout every season.

As the population in our municipality continues to see growth, the water needs to be protected to ensure quality is maintained. It is essential that council works with the ratepayers and encourages them to bring forward their thoughts and ideas to better understand the concerns surrounding water quality in the municipality.

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